My Journal Entry June 15, 2015

I decided to post this entry in hopes that it may speak Life to you…be blessed as you read it.

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June 15, 2015 (Journal Entry)

(note the date “1” Unity; “5” Grace)

I was awakened early this morning by the Lord who spoke, “do not unite with interference”. As always I try to record what the Lord says, they are nuggets of gold, a treasure that I cannot create or imitate. I meditated upon the word of the Lord and said, “where have I united with interference? What interference?” The Lord began to show me many of the tactics of the enemy that he so desperately tries to set us off course. Those interferences are distractions, false teachings, worldly desires, heart issues that draw us away from absolute, Holy Truth.

For me it was seemingly innocuous, like studying research material from every angle, what could be wrong with that? Nothing! Unless it interferes with my time with God or He says not to do it, which is what He said to me; “carefully allow only those things that draw you closer to Me through your gateways. That 10 second video clip on facebook posted by your friend, the teaching that you entertained by listening to it although you knew it was a lie, a deceptive slant on my Truth; the new age angle presented by another prominent, yet deceived minister; participating in meditating on thoughts that were from the enemy of my soul, past failures, experiences or spiritual practices that the Lord had never called me to, or creating laws out of the religious spirits speaking instead of the voice of the Spirit of the Word. We’re no longer under the law of the flesh but we are free in the Spirit”

Hey! That sounds pretty holy, but what do you mean Lord?

“I mean that you are free through My grace that empowers you in weakness; My mercy draws you to Myself and love covers all sins that you don’t recognize yet; My grace empowers you to overcome every battle you face in this life. I’m so patient and kind that I won’t leave you but I’ll lead you into all Truth. Never fear being snatched out of my hands because my hands are omnipresent, you can’t be snatched out, you can only walk out or fall out by uniting with interference.

Interference is the enemy’s plan to seduce, reduce and steal from you what I have prepared for you. You know the enemy came to steal kill and destroy everything that is close to My heart, including you. I, however, have abundant blessings for your life, and joy unspeakable and full of glory for those who choose to cleave to Me and forsake the seduction of interference.

For some they are seduced through technology or media, simply turning it off closes the gateways. Other interferences are birthed from within, from experiences and voices from the past. All interferences keep My child from My perfect will for them.

So now, how to fix it in a jiffy? Focus your thoughts! Repeatedly, I’ve emphasised the power of your mind and focusing on Me for your healing, deliverance and blessing, ‘love the Lord your God with all of your heart’; your heart is the seat of your emotions, from that seat comes every pure word and act or evil one. Think of what you do when you truly love; you obey Me, if you don’t obey Me it simply means that you don’t love me you’ve let some interference come between you and your love for Me.

Oh how I desire you, wholeheartedly, the plans I have for you are for good, not for evil. I’ve prepared a way before you that is full of joy even in the midst of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are a part of this world but you can go through it in your own sadness and strength, or go through it by My joy and gladness as your weakness becomes My strength. Jesus even went to the cross; more painful than you could possibly imagine as His body was torn multiple times and humiliation became His lot before man as He hung on the cross which was His destiny, yet, for the joy that was set before Him he endured the cross and all that entailed.

Think for just a brief moment, of an interference in your life between you and your relationship with the Lord your God. What is it? Coveting? Drinking? Anger? Gluttony? Selfish spending? Anger? Greed? Ego? Even studying things that I did not call you to study? Or voices from your past that whisper in your ear of your failures and shortcomings; lies, lies, lies! Don’t yield to the lies, I have Truth before you today for you to embrace in its fullness. The Truth will set you free! However if you choose to unite with the interference in any way, you can’t have the intimacy with Me that leads you to your destiny. Is it worth it? What do you want? Please talk with Me and be honest, I already know your heart so you can’t shock me, or hide anything from me. An honest heart I will not despise. I will answer your cry of sincerity; not always the way that you want because My ways are higher than your ways; My thoughts higher than yours. Trust me with your life, every area of your life; family, career, money, health. I made you and I have a plan for you that good for those who are faithful. Today, choose who you will serve, who you will unite with, Me or the interference?”

I Love You Always,

Your Saviour

My request is that you let me be your Lord too.

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