The Voice of Many Waters

Nov 9, 2014

As I drove to church early this morning, I met the Lord in my vehicle in a holy place within myself. He spoke of the vision He gave me, my purpose, my destiny and so much more. The minister this morning confirmed much of what God was speaking to me in that Holy place within. I also had a confirmatory dream last night, and at dinner a couple of nights ago with a dear friend who confirmed a significant piece of what the Lord has been speaking about. We had gone to Swiss Chalet for the Festive special a couple of days ago, as we were talking, I apologized for speaking so much, she said, “no, it’s okay, you have a voice” Suddenly, I remembered what many have said in the past; what I’ve experienced is that I allowed a voice louder than my own to speak when I had so much within me to speak. By nature I have a quiet voice, and a quiet spirit, so when anyone who liked to talk was around me, I would let them. That’s courteous, but in the midst of permitting others to speak I neglected to put voice to what God wanted to speak through me. I permitted my mouth to be silenced.

Today, the Lord spoke to me regarding the “voice of many waters”. When the Bible speaks of the Voice of many waters it speaks of Jesus’ voice. As Jesus voice is permitted to speak through you and me, our voices merge into a unified sound like thunder; a great noise of many waters, like Niagara Falls but far more intense, far more magnificent and majestic. It’s the voice of the Lord declaring victory over every work of the enemy; a voice that calls forth the hosts of heaven, a unified voice of Love that shatters every plan of the enemy. The Bible refers to the Voice of many waters in several locations. Eze 43:2 speaks of the glory of God filling the temple; as we speak the Lord’s words, our hearts are filled, and as our hearts are filled the words we speak radiate the glory of God. Rev 1:15, His voice thundered– Rev 14:2 “And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. And they sang a new song…” The harpers are the worshipers, you and me, joined in worship to the Lamb of God. The sound of the harp resonates all the notes of heaven here on earth. Our voices are those notes, our voices hold the power to touch heaven and change earth. Our voices are one of the greatest gifts that God has given each one of us to use in this hour of power.

We pray in the Lord’s prayer “let your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven” Rev. 14 refers to the heavenly realm, with a future connotation, but today, this day that God has made is a day to manifest His glory through our voice as a sound of many waters. Scripture goes on to talk about the loud thunder; thunder is noise that breaks through any atmosphere, just as we break through any atmosphere no matter how dark or desperate with the sound of our voice, be it praise & worship, prophecy—edification, exhortation or comfort, or a kind word to anyone you meet. Individually and collectively we are the voice of the many waters upon this earth. Let’s speak, don’t let a louder voice than your own silence the Spirit of God’s voice within you! You have a voice!!!

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